nous-contre-eux said: those dick pic stories are such a great idea. definitely made my day! thanks! ps: just for your information there is a mobile phone connection on mount Kilimanjaro, not directly at the top but a few 100 meters below the peak (i was up there 2 years ago and sent a pic to a friend who didn't believe me that africa has extremely well developed cell service) ;) lots of love from switzerland x

Thank you and congrats on submitting! I was on Kili a 3 years ago—didn’t summit—and was able to keep a live tweet stream of the trip going for my family. Super helpful for stateside/UK-side communication when our bags were lost for 10 days.

I’ve pretty much always had great cell reception in Africa, in part due to the pervasiveness of sending money via mobile phone to people. Making your banking system (part of it) mobile based really encourages growth of mobile infrastructure.

shoshanah-ben-hohim said: I just wanted to thank you for sharing the Sam/JT snippet. Please write all the stories in the world of the headcanon with notaflower. There is not enough Sam/JT fic out there

Aw thank you! Sam/JT are basically my forever girls and all I want to do is write/read about them being together for always. Like, my contributions to i know who i want to take me home were basically me talking about them being the old marrieds and mocking Jonny through a Dan/Oiler’s POV story that is doomed to never be finished.

Similarly, that Brooklyn story is soooo unlikely to ever be fully written since it would require so many words to be good and I am so bad at finishing things. Instead let’s pretend that I have written a beautiful 50k story that made everyone cry and here are snippets from that universe. This would be “the time they took their baby to see Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party”:

"So," Sam says, looking down at the table and covering Amelia’s eyes. "These are definitely vaginas."

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hawkwardly said: Ugh don't TEMPT ME I'm already 5000 words into a girl!Bgally fic that literally was supposed to be so short, it's terrible. I've lost control of my life.

I know that feeling, friend. Well how about this: if you remember to remind me after dick pic madness has ended, I will totally do a thing. I like to imagine people care if I do things so I am saying this publicly. 

this all sounds romantic to me, idk what you’re talking about.

Do you know how many times as a child my dad interrupted my AIM chat sessions with friends so that I could hold open veneer board bags and/or hold things for the bandsaw? Too many, romance is dead

hawkwardly said: See now I'm just picturing "B Gally the craftsman from California making vintage wooden surfboards and walking around shirtless 99% of the time" THANKS FOR NOTHING (thanks for everything) (#LAnativeproblems?)

Oh my god, that is way better than my thing. The ocean is so out of my realm of imagination (#NoCoastProblems) that I would have never thought of that, but it is perfect. B Gally in a wet suit, doing wake and bakes and then sanding shit all day before turning the boards over to his artist buddy PK to paint. 

coinin said: Re: your tags about BGally using reclaimed wood, redwood doesn't grow in Canada but there's a whole thing with salvaging old-growth logs lost in the Great Lakes hundreds of years ago, very carefully drying them out, & using the wood. It's the kind of thing that gets wood geeks excited, because old growth wood like that literally isn't commercially available any more, plus just think of the opportunities for virgin timber jokes.

Oh awesome! My dad is a woodworker, actually, and has done a few projects with reclaimed sunken redwood in California, but I didn’t know the Great Lakes had some as well. 

Obviously this “reclaimed redwood” AU is on


Brendan Gallagher for Nike

The continued adventures of Brendan Gallagher and logs. 

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sarapod said: TAILORED TO MY VERY SPECIFIC NEEDS INGODDAMNDEED YOU ARE A WONDERFUL FRIEND (if you finish the patrick kane military fetish story literally nothing would make me happier, i just assumed it was a lost cause)

Nothing is a lost cause, apparently, but I am glad I could FULLY FULFILL all your military fetish needs. 

Anonymous said: I'm so so happy you're doing the dickpic prompts. Pure porn with lovely pics just appearing on my dash. /so so happy

Oh, so glad to provide! I still have, uh, a fair amount of prompts to work through (assuming I don’t get any new ones) so it’ll be happening for a while. 

You guys, I am finally out of rural Somerset and its black hole of wifi and cell service. My brothers and I all have UK phones with data plans and never had any service. We just kept looking at each other like “is this really happening? Did we travel to the past??” I mean, it’s never been great there, but places where I have had better internet access: MOUNT KILIMANJARO.

Anyways I am now in Dublin, land of actual broadband, so let’s get to some replies!

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